Unity Control Board

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This is a drop in replacement board for Dometic “U” board systems made from 2016 until present. These Dometic boards are (5.3”x 4.6” [13.5cm x 11.7cm]) with holes (4.7” x 3.75” [11.9cm x 9.5 cm]). They feature red, white and blue connectors in the corner of the board, a six and an 8 pin display jack and nine pin screw terminal blocks. If the original board has these characteristics than this is the correct board. Passport IO and Passport II boards have similar foot prints but do not have the same connector characteristics. See our 400-IO product for details on replacing parts of these systems. This board also replaced Cruisair SMXII, and Q-Logic in regular production starting around 2017. It will not drop into older SMXII or Q-Logic electrical boxes that were produced without “U” boards. Replacements for these boards can be found on our A288-D and MAQ pages.


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